Although there may be many different reasons why a child needs spectacles, there’s a variety of choices to help your child get the most they possibly can from them. If your child is to be happy wearing their spectacles, they need to look good and be safe.

We’ve a wide range of frames that help ensure that your child is very likely to find one they like.

Children need robust spectacles and safest of all are Airwear Junior lenses. They are so strong they are virtually unbreakable, making them ideal for active children. Better still, they filter out harmful UV radiation too.

If your child needs a high prescription, there are specially-designed thin and light lenses available that will ensure that your child’s lenses are as attractive as possible.

Children can often be very heavy-handed with their spectacles, so Airwear Junior’s built-in scratch resistant coating is a must. Without it, micro scratches will soon make it much more difficult to see through them.

Children are more sensitive to bright light and UV, so even a basic-level photochromic treatment means their lenses will darken in sunshine. It soon reverts to a pale residual tint indoors.

Crizal UV lenses give the best protection from UV, so we recommend them for all children.

Crizal kids glasses

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