50% Off Zeiss Office Lenses

Limited time offer! 50% off ZEISS office lenses

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Zeiss office lenses

Improving your vision
and comfort at work.

ZEISS office lenses


Bring your workplace into focus.

ZEISS office lenses provide clear & relaxed vision for near to mid-distance viewing tasks, ensuring a comfortable & natural body posture with their ergonomic design. With office lenses by ZEISS, you will experience optimal vision at close and medium distances.

Reading lenses and progressive lenses don‘t always allow for comfortable close & mid-range vision. Not only can this result in impaired vision, it can also cause poor posture while seated.

ZEISS office lenses provide you with clear and comfortable vision in the workplace. Allowing you to maintain a natural and relaxed posture – which is essential for preventing workplace fatigue.

Office lenses by ZEISS are:

  • Customisable – For indoor vision based on your individual needs
  • Relaxing – For comfortable posture, essential to preventing eye fatigue and neck pain
  • Versatile – Also for leisure activities where mid-range vision is required: e.g. cooking, watching TV, playing an instrument
  • Optimised – For the digital world with ZEISS Digital Inside Technology.



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