We supply high quality lenses and are proud to be accredited to the major lens specialist and manufacturers.

Working closely with the lens suppliers, enables us to have the ability to prescribe the best lenses to suit your individual needs, whatever your prescription.

With the major improvements in lens technology, we can fit your frame with lenses that give better vision, look more attractive and are more comfortable for you to wear.

If your eye examination shows you need new spectacles, our trained dispensing staff will advise you on the best lens options – without obligation. Your individual visual requirements, your lifestyle and your budget will all be taken into consideration to ensure you receive lenses which meet all your specific needs.

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Types of Lenses

New ‘hi-index’ materials mean that your lenses can be made thinner, lighter and better looking. This is particularly useful if you have a high power prescription. No longer will you need to wear thick unsightly lenses or have your choice of frames restricted.
If you need both near and distance vision correction, then you are probably presbyopic – a condition which most people experience from their mid-40s onwards. The traditional solution is to use bifocals, but these have a sudden change in focus and a visible line across the lens. Varifocal lenses are an increasingly popular alternative. Because they have a gradual change in their optical power, there is no disconcerting jump between your reading and distance vision. As a result, varifocal lenses give you better middle distance focus. They also look more attractive without the dividing line of bifocals.
Most lenses can now have special coatings applied which enhance your vision and also improve the appearance of your glasses. In particular we recommend that your lenses have scratch-resistant and anti-reflection coatings. A scratch-resistant coating will prolong the life of your lenses because it reduces scratching from general wear and tear. An anti-reflection coating virtually eliminates the light reflected from the surface of your lenses. As there are no reflections to get in the way of normal eye contact – but it will also help when driving at night because it reduces glare from oncoming headlights.
If you regularly use a computer screen and experience eye strain, you may need spectacles specifically designed for VDU use. Under European Union legislation you could be entitled to an eyesight test and glasses paid for by your employer. Local companies and their staff are welcome to contact us for details.



If you are concerned about your eye sight; think you need new glasses or it’s been a while since you have had your eye sight checked, then come and see us soon.

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